We create customized solutions in-house to realize your vision, and to solve problems.

Our passion to build and our desire to create unique experiences is reflected in many areas of our work. Our diverse skill set enables us to offer custom products and realize flexible design concepts. Including personal touches and adding your special design elements will let your space stand out.

Let us introduce you to a selection of our custom projects:

Illuminada Wood Feature

The exterior and entrance seating were the most challenging aspects of this project. In order to create the image portrayed in the initial renderings, much of the work was modified on site. Our skilled fabrication and install team, from CAD drawings prepared in-house, were able to duplicate the design to a tee.


Daikoku Floor Displays

The floor displays for this project were fun to work with, deviating from the typical rectangular or square displays Framework Construction creates. The circular and elliptical shapes along with the varied counter heights allowed our team to build on their skills and creativity. The display tops were crafted with custom etched glass.

Daikoku Display Concept Design Drawing    Framework Construction Daikoku Custom Display

Horizontal Hand-Rail System

Framework Construction was engaged to design, draw, fabricate and install a custom handrail system for a warehouse facility in Edmonton.

Framework Construction Project 5 Industrial

The intricate design involved pipe bending and plasma cutting, to mention some of the many components used for the project. A critical factor for the success of this project was to complete the on-site work and installation without any disruption of the client’s day-to-day operation.