Our construction management services enhance existing spaces, and develop new spaces. Framework Construction offers all benefits of construction management required to successfully complete your projects. We take on the overall management and coordination of the job and we guide your project from the initial planning phase and execution of the work to the final inspections and cleanup.

Construction Management is the foundation of every project and the key towards success

The process of completing a project is often complex. We understand that open and transparent communication is a key priority to minimize uncertainty and ambiguity for all involved.

In the planning phase, we handle cost estimation, review the design and offer value engineering to match budget while maintaining architectural intent. At start-up we arrange material procurement, then organize and coordinate labour and equipment.  During construction we pay close attention to safety, control the quality of work, and monitor the progress to ensure the project is getting completed on budget and on time. The project completion phase concludes our work by inspecting the final product ensuring 100% client satisfaction before the close-out.