Framework Construction has identified four major factors that are essential to providing amazing service to our customers.  Based on our core values, here are our commitments to our clients.

1. Provide exceptional quality

Above all else, Framework Construction is committed to quality. This means using the best quality materials, and using proper construction methods. 

Our primary goal is for you to receive the best outcome for your money. Needless to say, without compromising quality or suffering from shortcuts.


2. Maintain open communication

We are driven to transform your vision into a tangible work or living space that excites and inspires you. We accomplish this goal by ensuring that we have a deep understanding of how you envision your final product and by keeping up candid and honest communication throughout the process.

Transparency is required at all stages of the project. Framework Construction strongly values collaboration to ensure full satisfaction through shared imagination and resolution.

In this digital era this doesn’t mean just providing regular updates via text or email. Credibility is achieved through participation, personal conversation and joint efforts.


3. Complete the project on time

We are setting realistic expectations for project completion and our team enjoys working with ambitious delivery dates. By converting complexity to clarity, chaos to creativity, and ambiguity to agility, we are able to uphold our promise of delivery on time.


4. Provide a clear price structure

Framework Construction provides detailed and accurate estimates for your project. We will discuss costs ahead of time and if you request a change in the scope of work, we will clearly communicate how the price will be affected, before starting work.